The CHRIvault

Acquire, store, and manage your Criminal History Record Information.

The CHRIvault is a trusted platform that allows you to securely acquire, store, and manage your Criminal History Record Information. Our advanced technology ensures compliance with the strict safeguarding requirements set by NIGC and FBI.



The CHRIvault interfaces seamlessly with IDPoint XID or can be purchased as a stand-alone application which includes the IDPoint DMI (Document Management Interface). The DMI allows you to save almost any type of file and associate it with a Name, SSN, or Employee/License Number. Drag and drop or scan using any Windows scanner and your files are encrypted and stored for later retrieval.

Log into the Document Management Interface, look up the licensee, and double-click the document, it is that simple. If the document is a PDF, your PDF reader will open. If the document is in Word, Word will open. If the document was scanned, it will display in our multi-page TIFF viewer with multiple levels of mark-up.

What It Is and What It Does

What is the CHRIvault?

The CHRIvault (CV) is a network appliance running Windows 10 and an IDPoint XID AppServer and database specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for storing CHRI.
The CV AppServer can handle up to 50 concurrent connections and store up to 10TB of data (2TB standard).
The operating system of the CHRIvault is configured for no remote access, the only inbound port open is the one configured for and locked by the IDPoint AppServer. Nothing is shared and all remote desktop and remote support options are locked down.

How is the data safe?

The internal data drive is safeguarded using 256bit AES encryption in a hidden volume. The files stored in the database are compressed using 256bit AES encryption by the XID Client prior to transmission to the CHRIvault. To gain access to the data in the CHRIvault, an actor would need to possess two encryption keys and have knowledge of how the data is processed and stored. The way the system is designed, NO one person has access to both keys. This means that the only way to access the files is through the XID Client which has a robust user security and tracking system.
If Installed and configured properly, the CHRIvault is not accessible to local IT administrators.
If the CHRIvault were to fall into unauthorized hands, the data drives would appear to be empty and the AppServer would not activate unless the XID Server was connected.

How do you access the data?

The CHRIvault interfaces seamlessly with IDPoint XID or it can be purchased with IDPoint DMI which contains the full functionality of our XID Document Management Module. You can save almost any type of file (Word, Excel, PDF, Audio, and even short video clips. Our Scan interface supports any Windows scanner at up to 200 pages per minute. This interface also allows multiple layers of mark-up on each page without affecting the original document.


The CHRIvault is being sold with a continuous warranty and support program. If ANYTHING goes wrong, we will ship a replacement and you would install the drives from the old system. You then would ship the defective unit back to us.

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